Research programmes

The research activities of AIMMS can be grouped around three interrelated research programmes, which comprise:

Molecular mechanisms of biological processes

This research aims at in-depth understanding of molecules and biological processes relevant to life in health and disease. Moreover, it includes specific disease target identification and validation by combined molecular and network-based research. Read more.

Design and characterization of molecules and medicines

This research is directed towards the discovery, design, synthesis, analysis and characterization of new drugs and therapeutic candidates. Typically these are small organic molecules, peptides, proteins, antibodies and other biologics. The research also includes the disposition, safety and pharmacological effects of drug targets and therapeutic candidates. Read more.

Biomarkers and diagnostics

This research aims at the discovery of translational biomarkers and corresponding in vitro and in vivo molecular diagnostic tools. This will facilitate the elucidation of molecular mechanisms of selected diseases and dedicated novel drugs and therapeutic candidates. Read more.