Biomolecular Analysis

Research profile

Prof. Govert W. Somsen

Positioned between fundamental sciences and final application, analytical science is at the heart of biomolecular research providing methods and data required for better understanding biology and disease. Efficient analytical technologies are indispensable in the discovery and development of effective drugs and biomarkers.

The research mission of BioMolecular Analysis (BMA) is to design and apply improved analytics in order to gain better insights into biomolecular and drug characteristics, and biochemical processes. Work is directed towards methodological innovation and increased information content to solve life-science queries. Focus is on advanced sample-preparation and separation techniques in combination with state-of-the-art mass spectrometry (MS) and bioactivity detection. Hyphenation, miniaturization and automation, are important aspects to face demands on selectivity, sensitivity, speed and data handling.

Main research themes include: