First PhD student on project bridged

Azra1Azra Delic performs her PhD on the network pathophysiology of tumorigenesis. Her project bridges the research groups of Target and Systems BiochemistrySystems Bioinformatics, Molecular Cell Physiology and Biomolecular Analysis. The PhD thesis can be found on the VU-dare website.

“During my Master’s I noticed that I enjoyed doing research and decided that my next step would be a PhD. I pursued my 7-month major research project in the Medicinal Chemistry research group and I was very enthusiastic about the performed research. I also spent 5 months in Vienna for my minor research project, performing research on oncology at the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim.”

“I was keen on finding a PhD position that focuses on cancer research and G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs), a combination of two fields I was introduced to during my Master’s.  Professor Martine Smit offered me a position within the AIMMS programme Molecular mechanism of biological processes. This was just what I was looking for: a multidisciplinary project on interactions between signal transduction and metabolism in cancer, with a focus on GPCRs.”

“Currently I am a part of a team that includes three PhD students. Given our different background and specialties, we were able to develop a novel approach for unraveling the very complex signal transduction network of cancer. Azra2What I like best about this project is that I am learning to answer research questions from a different prospective and that I am working with people from very diverse research areas.”

“My team also collaborates with a research group from the Anderson Cancer Center in Houston (Texas, USA). I got the opportunity to visit Houston and work in their lab for 2 months! It was an amazing experience in which I learned many new lab techniques. Overall, I hope we will get a step closer to unravel the complicated signal transduction interactions and use that knowledge  to find novel targets for cancer treatment.”