Project application

Project Application

AIMMS researchers are invited to submit an application for hit finding and exploration using the web-based application form

Scientists from outside AIMMS are requested to first contact Dr Henry Vischer for opportunities to use the services of the Chemical Biology Platform.

Projects will be triaged by an independent panel of AIMMS experts and external advisors and will be scored on:

  • Scientific aspects, covering feasibility and potential impact (50%)
  • AIMMS and VU/VUmc integration (25%)
  • Financial viability (25%)

To enable the triage, a web-based project application form has to be completed. For offline reviewing of the form there is a pdf version available. Scientist can make a login account for individual projects. Entries can be saved and completion of such draft application can continue in subsequent sessions. Submission of the form will only take place when activating the SEND-button.

First, applications will be checked for feasibility by an internal AIMMS panel, which will advise the triage panel if the request can be technically handled efficiently. The application and advise will thereafter be considered by AIMMS experts and external, independent scientists in order to prioritize your request. The external scientists have all been working in biotech and large pharmaceutical companies and have ample experience with a variety of targets and assay configurations.

Project Application 2

Applicants will receive feedback on the outcome of the triage and the eventual follow-up (timelines, costs) in due time. We aim to let you know ASAP if your project is feasible and approved by the panel. On average we expect a period of 3-4 weeks to get all information available. We aim to have a set of project proposals reviewed by the panel on a regular basis. To view a screen shot of the total form click here. Please note, fill in the online application form for the actual application.

Fill in the online application form.