Chemical Biology Platform

The AIMMS Chemical Biology Platform supports interested parties in finding and exploring novel ligands for emerging biological targets. The platform builds on the skills and infrastructure that is available within AIMMS to efficiently connect chemistry with biology, thereby leading to new scientific insights and ample opportunity for the identification of new chemical biology tools and leads for potential new drugs.

The Chemical Biology Platform focuses on the discovery of new molecular entities using high-throughput analyses and innovative design strategies like ligand- and structure-based virtual screening. The platform itself consists of robotics to handle 96/384 well plates and state-of-the-art plate readers for a variety of readouts.

Screening campaigns will be designed and executed in collaboration with staff researchers of the Medicinal Chemistry research group. The platform services are available for AIMMS research groups and strategic partners. In order to keep the platform sustainable, projects are ranked on quality, scientific merits and on available or future funding.

The Chemical Biology Platform received startup funding from AIMMS to partially cover investments, and will receive funding for personnel costs. Users are asked to pay for bench fee costs, which will depend on the actual screening to be performed and which will be communicated with users early on.

The platform offers a unique opportunity to stimulate collaborations at the VU campus, tus fitting the AIMMS mission perfectly.