Maurice Steenhuis MSc.

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faculteit der bètawetenschappen ( subafdeling moleculaire microbiologie )
PhD student

Maurice Steenhuis MSc. graduated cum laude as a Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences at the VU University in 2013, with a specialisation in Molecular Cell Biology. Steenhuis then started with the Master Biomolecular Sciences, where he became more and more fascinated by the complexity of infection biology and the eminent need for the development of new antibiotics. Therefore, Steenhuis performed his first Master internship in the AIMMS Molecular Microbiology research group, under supervision of Dr Wouter Jong and Dr Joen Luirink. He developed a fluorescence-based reporter assay to screen for compounds that inhibit autotransporter biogenesis, with the ultimate aim to develop new antibiotics. For his second Master internship he studied the trafficking of Mycobacteria in murine macrophages, at the Biozentrum in Basel (Switzerland), under supervision of Prof. Jean Pieters. In 2015, Steenhuis graduated cum lade as a Master in Biomolecular Sciences. 

During his Master, Steenhuis was awarded with one of the AIMMS STAR grants in the field of antimicrobials. With this grant, he started in October 2015 with a PhD research in the AIMMS Molecular Microbiology research group. His research focusses on finding new antibiotics targeting bacterial virulence factors.

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