Reka Ötvös MSc.

PhD student

Reka Ötvös MSc. graduated as a pharmacist at the University of Debrecen (Hungary). Since February 2012 she is working at VU University Amsterdam on the AIMMS bridged PhD project called Identification of novel bioactive substances on brain receptors in the research groups BioMolecular Analysis and Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology.

The aim of her PhD project is to develop a hyphenated High Resolution Screening (HRS) technology in which online cellular profiling is coupled post-column to a HPLC separation system with parallel mass spectrometric analysis. With the developed technology animal venoms and brain homogenates will be analyzed in order to find new selective modifiers and unravelled ligands in the brain. The results obtained will hopefully not only deliver novel lead compounds for the treatment of ion-channel related diseases (for example epilepsy or migraine), but will also deliver specific tools for biochemical/pharmacological studies on ion channels.