Dr. Marc van Dijk

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Post-doctoral researcher

Dr. Marc van Dijk studied Biology at Utrecht University and obtained his Master’s degree in Biomolecular Sciences and specialization in structural biology in 2005. Subsequently, he performed his PhD research at the NMR Department of the Bijvoet Center for structural biology at Utrecht University. Van Dijk obtained his PhD degree in 2010, on the topic of protein-DNA interaction modelling using molecular simulation techniques.

Thereafter, Van Dijk has been involved in various research projects as post-doctoral researcher at the Cambridge University (UK), Utrecht University and VU University Amsterdam. His research focuses on the study of molecular interactions using computational structural techniques.

In addition, he has a strong interest in making the academic computational toolkit available to the broader audience as user friendly (online) software. He acquired broad experience in this field through the projects he worked for in the role of scientific programmer, web developer and interface designer. Moreover, he is the owner of StickyBits creatives, a company that designs and develops for the digital world with special interest in education and science.