Michiel den Braver MSc.

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PhD student

Michiel den Braver MSc. obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Medical Natural Sciences and received his Master’s degree Drug Discovery and Safety (cum laude) with a specialization in Molecular Toxicology at VU University in Amsterdam.

In June 2012, den Braver started his PhD research in the Molecular and Computational Toxicology research group under supervision of Prof. dr. Nico Vermeulen, Dr. Jan Commandeur and Dr. Chris Vos. His research is part of the large IMI project MIP-DILI, which aims for more accurate test models for the prediction of drug induced liver injury (DILI). Den Braver’s research mainly covers the development of analytical standard operating procedures for detection and quantification of drug metabolites, analysis of bioactivation and detoxification of DILI related drugs and (bio)synthesis of metabolites. These analytical tools together are used in his research to map the metabolic competence for different in vivo and in vitro test models. empty