Dr. Yves Bollen

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faculteit der bètawetenschappen ( subafdeling structuurbiologie )
Assistant professor

Dr. Yves Bollen studied Molecular Sciences at Wageningen University. Subsequently, he performed his PhD research in the Department of Biochemistry of the same university, under supervision of Dr. Carlo van Mierlo. In 2004, Bollen completed his thesis, entitled Surfing the free energy landscape of flavodoxin folding. Then, he moved to the Structural Biology research group at VU University Amsterdam, where he worked as a post-doctoral researcher on a project regarding the use of fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy to investigate the Twin Arginine Translocation system. In 2006, Bollen became an assistant professor in the same research group.

Bollen’s current research focuses on how proteins obtain their native conformation and reach the correct localization. After synthesis on the ribosome, proteins need to be targeted to the correct sub-cellular compartment and to fold to a unique structure to perform their function. In vivo, both processes are heavily intertwined. Bollen uses biophysical and biochemical tools to investigate protein folding and protein translocation across biological membranes.

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