Maarten Bebelman MSc.

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PhD student Target and Systems Biochemistry

Maarten Bebelman started his Bachelor’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences at VU University in 2010. In his Bachelor’s research project in the Medicinal Chemistry research group, Maarten studied the role of binding of glycosaminoglycans in cooperativity of chemokines on chemokine receptors under supervision of Folkert Verkaar.

After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in 2013, he started with the Master’s in Drug Discovery and Safety with the specialization Drug Discovery and Target Finding. Maarten performed his minor research project in the Medicinal Chemistry group as well. Together with PhD student Reggie Bosma, he developed a novel tool to analyze G protein-coupled receptors with surface plasmon resonance. Currently, Maarten conducts his major research project in the Exosome Research group at the Cancer Center Amsterdam under the supervision of Michiel Pegtel. In this project he is investigating the role of exosomes during human cytomegalovirus infection.

"I really enjoyed writing the AIMMS-NWO STAR research proposal. The project taught me a lot about how to write grant proposals and forced me to look in a critical way at my ideas and experimental designs. During the writing process I had meetings with some fantastic researchers and this resulted in a valuable network that I will benefit from for the rest of my scientific career."