Jordy van Angeren MSc.

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PhD student

Jordy van Angeren MSc. studied Analytical Chemistry at VU University Amsterdam where he received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. During his Master’s he performed an internship at the VU within the BioMolecular Analysis research group of prof. dr. W.M.A. Niessen, where he developed a high-throughput sample preparation method for protein analysis of cell lysate using liquid chromatography with mass spectrometric detection. The results of this project were published in Proteomics.

In 2012, Van Angeren started his PhD research at the Biomolecular Analysis research group at Utrecht University. Under supervision of prof. dr. G.J. de Jong and dr. G.W. Somsen, Van Angeren investigates the possibilities of hyphenating capillary gel electrophoresis (CGE) with mass spectrometric detection (MS) for analysis of therapeutic proteins, in particular monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). MS allows identification of impurities in quality control of mAbs. Moreover, Van Angeren investigates how analysis of antibodies using CGE can be optimized regarding other aspects such as speed. Since 2013, Van Angeren conducts his research at the BioMolecular Analysis group at VU University Amsterdam.