Heather Leslie in the Dutch Radio Broadcast Spraakmakers

Leslie was interviewed about Microplastics

01/18/2021 | 9:58 AM

We still know too little about microplastics and what they do, for example, when they end up in our body. That must change, says eco-toxicologist Heather Leslie. Listen to the fragment (in Dutch).

Moreover, at the ZonMw Knowledge Agenda Microplasics & Health (January 11, 2021), the Dutch State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven said that there should be more money for research and that the research results help to offer policy perspectives for action. "The first results show how badly we need this research".
Heather Leslie: “Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for microplastics in humans. We are exposed to microplastics. We are now well on the way to investigating how much of these are in the body and what this means for public health. ”

Picture: Studio in Hilversum, Heather Leslie (VU), Ghislaine Plag (NPO Radio 1 Spraakmakers host), André Rouvoet (chaiman of GGD municipal public health services of the Netherlands).