Jacob de Boer in the news about harmful PFAS

Both the Dutch Newsradio BNR and newspaper Trouw interviewed the AIMMS toxicologist

12/02/2019 | 1:54 PM

Interview with Jacob de Boer in BNR about the problems in the construction sector through PFAS
"The problems in the construction sector, due to toxic soil substance PFAS, should not have gotten so far," said Jacob de Boer, PFAS researcher and professor of environmental chemistry and toxicology (AIMMS) at the VU. In addition, the permits for discharging PFAS should never have been issued. Read more or listen to the interview in Dutch here.

Jacob de Boer in Trouw about the harmful PFAS
PFAS is a collective name for around 6,000 compounds that are used in, among other things, Teflon, water-resistant clothing and fire-fighting foam. In the Dutch Newspaper Trouw, toxicologist Jacob de Boer provides answers to the question how harmful PFAS is for humans: "Scientific research shows that the substances can cause kidney and testicular cancer. They also seem to be able to harm the immune system." You can find the Dutch article here.