Activating AIMMS researchers for Active Learning

AIMMS Workshop: how active learning enhances student ownership and teacher satisfaction

05/20/2019 | 1:38 PM

The research of AIMMS groups is often in the spotlight. Yet, virtually every AIMMS researcher is also heavily involved in teaching. Therefore, it was very timely to organise a workshop on this topic within AIMMS.

Given that within AIMMS there is a considerable amount of expertise and knowledge about the use of active learning to engage and interact with students more, AIMMS organised a workshop on Active Learning in collaboration with the ‘Innovations in Human Health & Life Sciences’ research group of Jacqueline van Muijlwijk Koezen.

In a 4-hour workshop on May 2, about 35 AIMMS researchers and students were shown how innovations such as blended learning and flipping the classroom enhance student ownership and teacher satisfaction. The participants did not only listen to excellent presentations - the workshop also contained demonstrations on 3D reasoning and virtual reality. Furthermore, technical innovations like electronic labjournals and online assembly of research steps were shown to be very useful in practical classes.


We thank the organisers from the ‘Innovations in Human Health & Life Sciences’ group for a very inspiring day! That is something one can easily write down at the end of a news item, but in this case a questionnaire using Mentimeter software taken at the workshop shows that the participants agreed.


We plan to organise another workshop next year. If you cannot wait and want to get informed sooner: the day was recorded and the recordings will become available as slidecasts. Here we provide them as PDF files.

Do you also want to further improve your teaching with some of these innovations? The colleagues that organised the workshop can also advise you on implementing innovations in your own teaching. Next, we will start the project ‘small changes, huge effect’ consisting of 3 hands-on workshops during which you will make your courses more active. For more information you can contact Innovations in Human Health & Life Sciences.