PhD conferral André S. Perusso




Experiential learning in management education

André S. Perusso

Prof. dr. P.C. van der Sijde & prof. dr. habil. T. Baaken, copromotor dr. M.L. Blankesteijn

Amsterdam Institute of Molecular and Life Sciences


PhD conferral

Experiential learning theory suggests that practice should be introduced in the business school curriculum through a pedagogy based on four blocks that closely represent managerial practice. First, managerial learning experiences should be based on (1) ill-defined problems because these are the type of problems that best captures the complexity of managerial practice. Similarly, learners should not only articulate but act in the world. They must (2) execute their business solutions in real life. Additionally, learners must (3) closely interact with an authentic professional environment to absorb the nature of that practice. Last, (4) reflection is necessary to transform experience into learning. As an outcome of this pedagogical design, students shall acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

André Perusso's thesis explores the role and contribution of these four elements to managerial learning and teaching. The findings suggest that all four blocks play a crucial and indispensable role in the design of realistic managerial experiences. Also, when introduced, these elements improve the theory to practice transferability while fostering a wide range of competencies in students including knowledge (theoretical and practical), skills (communication and collaboration) and attitudes (self-knowledge and self-efficacy).