AIMMS STAR-PLUS recruitment Selection B

Selection B (November ’16 – June ’17)

The selected candidate STAR PLUS students will continue with Selection B, during which they will be guided and trained to write their own research proposal. They will be supervised by AIMMS researchers, and be provided with essential background knowledge to help them deliver a novel, ground-breaking research project addressing antimicrobial research.

Mini-symposium (November ’16 – June ’17)
The selection programme continues with a two-day mini-symposium that offers the candidates a workshop on grant-writing and the AIMMS post-graduate course “New paradigms targeting resistance against antimicrobials. AIMMS has limited funding to provide financial support to attend the workshop.

Writing a research proposal (December ’16 – May ’17)
The STAR PLUS candidates continue the programme by writing their own research proposal. The experience gained during the mini-symposium will serve as a basic tuition. In addition, candidates will be supervised and guided by senior scientists of AIMMS research groups of their choice.
The resulting proposals will be reviewed by an international expert panel in May 2017.

Interview (May/June ’17)
The STAR PLUS candidates get the opportunity to present their ideas and motivation in an interview with the AIMMS selection committee (either personally or through video-conference). At least one week prior to the interview, candidates will receive the referee reports which allows them to defend any issues raised.

The selection committee will rank the candidates based on the written proposal, referee reports, presentation and defence, with respect to the selection criteria (See below).

PhD position award
The AIMMS Management Team (MT) will ultimately decide which candidates will be awarded a PhD position. Only if students meet all the criteria and truly stand out from the rest, the ultimately selected MSc students will be offered a PhD position (maximum of 4 positions). Quality will always prevail over availability of positions.

Selection Criteria:
•    Overall fit with the research objectives of the STAR-PLUS consortium (i.e. antimicrobial research and resistance)
•    Scientific quality
•    Innovativeness and novelty
•    Feasibility
•    The degree to which the research is likely to span across different scientific disciplines
•    Translational aspects of the research, in line with AIMMS’ research objectives
•    Candidate’s performance and vision during the interview

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 713669.  
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The AIMMS Management Team (MT) will be responsible to see of the selection criteria are met and if procedures are followed correctly. Students that question the evaluation process, selection criteria or feel mistreated in any other way will have the opportunity to object any decision. Within six weeks of the date of the decision, objections can be made through the AIMMS office, which will inform the AIMMS Management Team. AIMMS will confirm the objection within one week, stating whether the objection is admissible and informing about the further steps.