PhD Programme

The primary aim of the AIMMS PhD programme is to train talented students to become highly skilled and independent scientists in AIMMS related areas of research and to prepare them for a future career in academia and other research institutes, society and industry, in particular the pharmaceutical industry.

The PhD programme within AIMMS typically takes four years, but depending on the scientific discipline and the type of funding 3-year PhD programmes also exist (e.g. ITNs).


In the Actions & Timeline document, all (administrative) actions that need to be performed within the PhD programme are described.


For every PhD candidate it is important to deepen their knowledge and skills, enabling them to become fully qualified scientists. The educational program for PhD candidates within AIMMS provides for a variety of activities enhancing the academic, professional and general skills of PhD candidates. More information regarding regulations and courses can be found here, as well as all necessary forms.


AIMMS has an PhD Student Council, representing all AIMMS PhD students, to inform and advice the PhD coordinator.


AIMMS post-docs, PhD and Master's students have a monthly journal club: the AIMMS journal pub. They discuss fun, new and/or interesting papers, for example a paper on mechanical ribosomes or a publication on a camera that can ‘see through walls’. The journal pub name derives from the relaxing setting with drinks and pizza these scientific discussions take place in.


Are you having questions about your PhD? Do not worry, you are not the only one! Here you can find an overview of the frequently asked questions, which you can consult for your answers.