The last decade has witnessed major breakthroughs in the fields of molecular, cellular and systems biology, and also in related enabling technologies. These innovations fuel a general excitement that a molecular up to systems understanding of health and disease is within reach.

These developments have lead to establishment of the Amsterdam Institute of Molecular and Life Sciences (AIMMS) at 1 April 2010. In AIMMS, 17 of the best research groups in pharmaceutical sciences, life sciences, computational life sciences and molecular sciences at VU Amsterdam have joined forces. By integrating these scientific disciplines, AIMMS is aiming at the elucidation of molecular mechanisms of diseases and the development of novel and safer drugs, therapeutics (e.g. proteins, antibodies and other biologics) and diagnostics (e.g. molecular and translational biomarkers).

Research of AIMMS is clustered in three programmes:

  • Molecular mechanisms of biological processes
  • Design and characterization of molecules and medicines
  • Biomarkers and diagnostics 

The success of a research institute is very much dependent on the quality of its human capital. AIMMS is putting emphasis on a broad and high-quality academic education of Master's and PhD students and presents itself as an attractive host for talented post-docs and tenured staff.

AIMMS considers strong links to external stakeholders in the field as an ideal basis for successful long-term funding and as interesting opportunities for new funding. AIMMS actively pursues opportunities towards valorisation of its scientific achievements and knowledge, its technology facilities and services, and its intellectual property.

The research groups involved in AIMMS belong to: