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AIMMS consists of 19 research groups from the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Multiple co-operation links exist between these research groups and research groups within the VU Medical Centre.

These 19 research groups comprise:

  • Analytics of Biomolecular Interactions: Development of mass spectrometric techniques for glycomics and glycoproteomics.
  • Biocomputational Chemistry: Theoretical organic chemistry and biocatalysis.
  • Biomolecular Analysis: Design and application of novel and improved analytics in order to gain new and improved insights into biomolecular and drug characteristics, and biological and chemical processes.
  • Environmental Bioanalytical Chemistry: Linking metabolic processes, functioning of organisms and phenotypical changes, human health and chemical exposure.
  • Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology: Risk assessment of environmental contaminants and development of methods for their analysis.
  • Environmental Health and Toxicology: Assessment of health effects of environmental chemicals on different biological levels.
  • Integrative Bioinformatics: Theoretical modeling and quantitative experimentation to understand how and why biomolecules interact to perform biological functions at the systems level.
  • Medicinal Chemistry: From protein structure to computational design and synthesis of bioactive molecules.
  • Molecular Cell Physiology: Development and implementation of systems biology in the context of microbiology, medical biology and biotechnology.
  • Molecular Microbiology: Mechanisms and applications of protein trafficking in pathogenic bacteria.
  • Molecular Neurobiology: Target finding in the central nerve system. 
  • Molecular Toxicology: From structures to effects in molecular and computational toxicology.
  • Organic and Peptide Chemistry: Peptide-inspired modulators of biological functions.
  • Structural Biology: Dynamics of protein interactions in cellular regulation and transport processes.
  • Synthetic & Bio-organic Chemistry: Design and development of highly efficient, asymmetric synthetic methodologies and their application to the synthesis of diverse, biologically relevant compounds.
  • Synthetic Chemistry: Synthesis of complex molecules. 
  • Systems Bioinformatics: Understanding the principles of biomolecular networks.
  • Target and Systems Biochemistry: From ligand-receptor interaction and protein function to network biochemistry.
  • Theoretical Chemistry: Density functional theory, quantum chemistry and multiscale modeling. 

Elucidative information on the group’s research lines can be found in the AIMMS annual report 2013. Click here to download this report.

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