Jeffrey van Senten MSc.

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+31 20 59 88163
faculteit der bètawetenschappen ( farmacochemie )
PhD student

Jeffrey van Senten MSc. obtained his Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at VU University Amsterdam in 2012. Thereafter he applied for the double degree Master’s programme Drug Discovery and Safety and Pharmaceutical Sciences at VU University Amsterdam and the University of Copenhagen, from which he graduated with honours in 2013. The research he has been working on in his Master's focussed on G protein-coupled receptors. His minor research project consisted of the pharmacological characterization of a radiolabeled negative allosteric modulator for the chemokine receptor CXCR3 and his Master’s thesis comprised of a surrogate ligand screening for multiple orphan GPCRs.

In 2014, van Senten started his PhD research in the group of Prof. Martine Smit on the characterization and targeting of GPCRs encoded by the human cytomegalo virus.