Sandra Ortega Ugalde MSc.

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PhD student

Sandra Ortega Ugalde studied Pharmacy at the University of the Basque Country (Spain) and Drug Discovery and Safety at the VU University Amsterdam. She obtained her Master´s degree in 2015 with specialization in Molecular Toxicology. In July 2015, she was awarded with the AIMMS STAR PhD studentship that she will conduct in collaboration with the Molecular Microbiology and Molecular Toxicology research groups, headed by Prof. Wilbert Bitter and Prof. Nico Vermeulen, respectively. Ortega Ugalde’s PhD project aims at novel strategies to target Mycobacterium tuberculosis drug resistance by identifying and inhibiting constitutive and stress-induced mycobacterial cytochromes P450s (P450s) that are essential for the survival of the pathogen, avoiding off-target interaction with human P450s.