Dina Lakayan MSc.

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PhD student

Dina Lakayan MSc. obtained her Master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry from Stockholm University (Sweden) in 2012. During her Master's she worked on a project concerning method development for biological samples using LC-MS at the Toxicology Department. Besides, she worked on a project regarding data analysis of Proteomics data at the Science for Life Laboratory. Lakayan also has gained experience in bacterial cell culturing work and protein purification at the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at Stockholm University.

Lakayan is currently performing her PhD research in the Department of BioAnalytical Chemistry at VU University Amsterdam on the project ‘SPRing’. Her project focuses on hardware innovations of bench top surface plasmon resonance (SPR) analysis. She recently developed a hyphenated analytical methodology to separate antibody preparations (like biopharmaceuticals) prior to affinity assessment by SPR.

In May 2014, Lakayan was awarded the second place in the Best Poster Award competition at the 41st International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques, which took place in New Orleans (USA).