Sebastiaan Kuhne MSc.

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PhD student

emptySebastiaan Kuhne obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Organic Chemistry at the Hogeschool Utrecht in 2009. During his Bachelor’s education he performed internships at Merck and VU University Amsterdam, both at medicinal chemistry departments. The subject of the projects involved the synthesis of ligands for therapeutically relevant protein targets. Thereafter, Kuhne obtained his Master’s degree in Drug Discovery and Safety (specialization Drug Design and Synthesis) at VU University Amsterdam in 2011. Within his Master’s, he performed internships at Boehringer Ingelheim in Vienna (Austria) on the design and synthesis of ligands for a therapeutically relevant protein target and at VU University Amsterdam on computational chemistry to rationalize protein ligand interactions.

In 2012, Kuhne started his joint PhD programme in the Medicinal Chemistry research group under supervision of Prof. dr. Rob Leurs and Dr. Iwan de Esch and at the University of Copenhagen in the group of Prof. dr. H. Bräuner-Osborne. He works on the design and synthesis of (fragment-like) ligands to probe protein binding sites. His main interest is the design and synthesis of ligands targeting G-protein coupled receptors.