Petra Krumpochova MSc.

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PhD student

Petra Krumpochova MSc. obtained her Master's degree in Biochemistry at the University of Palacky in Olomouc (Czech republic) in 2007. During her Master, she focused on multidrug resistance of hematological malignancies caused by ABC transporters. In 2009, she joined group of Piet Borst at the NKI-AVL to study physiological function of ABC transporters using mouse models and in 2010 she joined group of Joost Holthuis at the UU to study ceramide metabolism.

In 2012, Krumpochova started her PhD research at VU University Amsterdam, where she is currently developing methods for studying metabolism with focus on cancer metabolism. Her PhD research is focused on the study of the Warburg effect, a phenomenon where cancer cells rely more on glycolysis than oxidative phosphorylation. Even though it was described nearly hundred years ago its function in cancer is still not well understood.