Dr. Rob Haselberg

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+31 20 59 87536
faculteit der bètawetenschappen ( biomoleculaire analyse en spectroscopie )
Post-doctoral researcher

Dr. Rob Haselberg studied Analytical Sciences at VU University Amsterdam, where he received his Master’s degree in 2006 (cum laude). In 2010, he obtained his PhD degree at Utrecht University under supervision of prof. G.J. de Jong on the development and application of capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry (CE-MS) technologies for the analysis of biopharmaceuticals. Subsequent post-doctoral research at the Biomolecular Analysis group at Utrecht University focused on the evaluation of novel sheathless CE-MS methodologies for the characterization of therapeutic glycoproteins. A second post-doctoral stay at Utrecht University in close collaboration with VU University involved development of affinity CE and CE-surface plasmon resonance methods for the selective probing of protein-receptor interactions. 

In 2013, Haselberg was appointed at the BioMolecular Analysis research group, where his research focuses on the characterization of (intact) biomacromolecular compounds using a variety of platforms. In addition, he supervises the CE and CE-MS laboratory of the group.