Dr. Jurgen Haanstra

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Post-doctoral researcher

Dr. Jurgen Haanstra studied Biomedical Sciences at Utrecht University, with one internship on the impact of stress on food-intake regulating neuropeptides and another on the downstream effects of MAP kinase signalling. He graduated in 2002 and started as a PhD student at VU University in the lab of Dr. Barbara Bakker and Prof. dr. Hans Westerhoff on network-based drug design against glycolysis in the tropical parasite Trypanosoma brucei. In this project he combined mathematical modelling and wet lab experimentation. During this time, he spend 6 months in Heidelberg to study the control and regulation of trypanosome gene expression.

After his PhD, Haanstra was a post-doctoral researcher in the Hematology department of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, where he focussed on elucidating the molecular mechanism of leukemogenesis after bone marrow failure. In 2011, he returned to trypanosomes and again combined mathematical modelling with wet lab experiments. He divided his time between his post-doc position at the UMCG Groningen and his position as a guest researcher in the department of Molecular Cell Physiology at VU University Amsterdam and worked on redox metabolism of T. brucei and differential-based drug design. In the latter part of his work he aimed to find drug targets within metabolism that, when targeted, affect the parasite more than the mammalian host. Three times he has hosted the AIMMS-sponsored annual microsymposium on ‘Parasite/Trypanosmatid Metabolism, Drug Design and Glycosomes’ at the VU.

Haanstra currently applies his expertise on eukaryotic metabolism within the Systems Bioinformatics group of Prof. dr. Bas Teusink. His project aims to obtain systems understanding on how the integration of metabolism and signalling is altered in liver cancer cells compared to the healthy liver.

Ancillary activities

COST ACTION CM1307 - Memberof the Management Committee for the Netherlands Amsterdam, 02 maart 2015
VVE Ravelijn - Board member Utrecht, 01 april 2015
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