Dr Rabah GahoualPost-doctoral researcherAnalytics of Biomolecular Interactions
Dr Satesh GangarapuPost-doctoral researcherTheoretical Chemistry
Dr. Daan GeerkeAssistant professorMolecular Toxicology
Dr. Klaas GiesbertzPost-doctoral researcherTheoretical Chemistry
Dr. Stan van GisbergenDirector and researcher
Scientific Computing and Modeling (spin-off Theoretical Chemistry) 
M. Goesten MSc. PhD studentBiocomputational Chemistry; Theoretical Chemistry
Melanie le Goff MSc. PhD studentMolecular Microbiology
Prof. dr. Cees GooijerProfessorAnalytics of Biomolecular Interactions;  Biomolecular Analysis
Dr. Paola Gori GiorgiAssociate professorBiocomputational Chemistry; Theoretical Chemistry
Dr Willi GottsteinPost-doctoral researcherSystems Bioinformatics
Dr. T. GoumansPost-doctoral researcherScientific Computing and Modeling (spin-off Theoretical Chemistry)
Dr. Chris de GraafAssistant professorMedicinal Chemistry; Target and Systems Biochemistry
Corien de Graaff MSc.PhD studentSynthetic & Bio-organic Chemistry; Synthetic Chemistry
Dr. Oleg GritsenkoAssistant professorBiocomputational Chemistry; Theoretical Chemistry
Prof. dr. Marinus GroenLecturer
Synthetic & Bio-organic Chemistry; Synthetic Chemistry
Timo de Groof MSc.PhD studentMedicinal Chemistry
Prof. dr. P. GrootenhuisExtraordinairy professorMolecular Toxicology
Prof. dr. T.N. Grossmann
ProfessorOrganic and Peptide Chemistry
Laia Guillaumes MSc.PhD studentBiocomputational Chemistry; Theoretical Chemistry