Prof. dr. Wilbert Bitter

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faculteit der bètawetenschappen ( subafdeling moleculaire microbiologie )

Prof. dr. Wilbert Bitter obtained his PhD degree in 1992 at Utrecht University in molecular microbiology. After research periods in the Netherlands Cancer Institute on trypanosomes and in Utrecht University on protein secretion in pseudomonads, he started a research group on tuberculosis at the VU University Medical Center in 2001. There, he developed a new bacterial infection model, using zebrafish embryos and fluorescent bacteria, which allowed the analysis of single bacterial pathogens in a vertebrate host. This model turned out to be highly suited for tuberculosis research, but can also be used for other bacterial infections. This model is also particularly suited to test the efficacy of small compounds in medium throughput level.

Current focus of Bitter’s research group is on the mechanisms of mycobacterial virulence and especially on mycobacterial secretion systems. He discovered a new protein secretion pathway in mycobacteria and coined the term type VII secretion for this pathway. This pathway is responsible for the secretion of dozens of putative virulence factors. In 2010, Bitter was appointed as professor of Medical Microbiology at the VUmc and professor of Molecular Microbiology at VU University. Since 2014, Bitter is the Desmond Tutu Chair Holder in the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences. 


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