AIMMS researcher Klaas Giesbertz receives ENW-KLEIN grant

Giesbertz received the grant for his research into solving bottlenecks in one-body reduced density matrix functional theory

11/02/2020 | 10:23 AM

Computer simulations play an important role in our understanding of physical and chemical phenomena, and they can also be used to replace dangerous experiments. The calculation of quantum effects, such as the formation and dissolution of chemical bonds and the colour of materials, often forms a limiting factor because the required computing power rises rapidly with the desired precision and the number of electrons. The methods usually used for these kinds of quantum calculations leave much to be desired, especially with regard to accuracy. The proposed research will develop a new method that will use the same computational power as employed by the currently most effective method, but will yield much more accurate results.

The board of NWO domain Science has awarded 15 applications in the Open Competition ENW-KLEIN. The topics range from research into the behavior of proteins involved in DNA repair to research into the detection of dark matter to explain the composition of the universe. KLEIN grants are intended for innovative, fundamental research of high quality and / or scientific urgency.