AIMMS researcher Eva Blokker pitches her PhD research on Eye-openers

In her research Eva Blokkers searches for new initiators to start polymerization reactions

10/12/2020 | 10:42 AM

With the help of theoretical chemistry, Eva Blokker safely searches for new initiators to start polymerization reactions. Blokker does this with the help of computer simulations. Blokker develops new and sustainable polymerization initiators for industry, by modelling molecules and reactions on the computer. This PhD research is under the supervision of VU professor of theoretical chemistry Matthias Bickelhaupt, who received a grant for this research last year.

Blokker explains her research in an Eye-openers: a one-minute film. Watch the movie here. Eye-openers is an online platform where talented scientists explain what their research is about, what fascinates them and what their goals are, in one minute only. Through the use of clear language and visual effects, the eye-openers are fun for everyone that has a broad interest in science. Eye-openers is an initiative by the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV), which offers a platform for promising young scientists.