AIMMS researchers Marja Lamoree and Jacob de Boer in the Dutch News

Lamoreee talks about microplastics and De Boer about carcinogenic substances

09/07/2020 | 1:45 PM

Marja Lamoree talks about microplastics on Dutch radio ('met het Oog op Morgen')
American researchers have developed a method to find microplastics in the human body. In 'Met het Oog op Morgen' (19 August), Marja Lamoree, professor of Analytical Chemistry of Health and the Environment (Department Environment and Health, AIMMS), is cautious: "They have not yet been able to find microplastics in real human tissue." Her research group is also close to this method, but they are hesitant.

Jacob de Boer in NH News about carcinogenic substances in Wijk aan ZeeĀ 
It's enough for both Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology Jacob de Boer and the members of the Wijk aan Zee Village Council: they want the government to intervene soon, now that research by the RIVM shows that the samples taken in Wijk aan Zee this summer contain carcinogenic substances. "All those values are always just on the edge of what is allowed," says Jacob de Boer. Read the article in Dutch here.