Harmful effects of sunscreen and sponge scouring pads on the environment

Jacob de Boer and Heather Leslie in the Dutch news explain in the Dutch news

05/18/2020 | 4:17 PM

Jacob de Boer about harmful effects of sunscreen on the environment 
Many sunscreens we use contain ingredients that are bad for the environment. For example, a lot of cream ends up in the sea because we first apply ourselves and then go for a swim. The Consumers' Association (Consumentenbond) has investigated which creams are the most harmful and AIMMS Professor Jacob de Boer explains what harmful effects they can have. Watch the broadcast (in Dutch) here.

Heather Leslie in NRC on (sponge) scouring pads and microplastics 
Are (sponge) scouring pads one of the culprits that cause microplastics to end up in water? And if so, how many microplastics? A home, garden and kitchen experiment with Heather Leslie, AIMMS researcher on microplastics. Read the article (in Dutch) here.