AIMMS researchers about the possible health effects of microplastics

Heather Leslie and Jacob de Boer in the Dutch News about microplastics

10/07/2019 | 3:41 PM

We are exposed to plastic dust every day. Yet hardly anything is known about the consequences for our health. Earlier this year, fifteen Dutch studies about the health risks of micro- and nanoplastics for humans have started. Heather Leslie answers four questions about microplastics in the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant. In addition, she gives her opinion about the slow start of research into the health risks of micro- and nanoplastics in the Dutch newspaper Het Parool and the Dutch newspaper NRC.

Jacob de Boer also mentions the importance of more research into microplastics in the Dutch news program Nieuwsuur. “There are enough indications to investigate the effect of microplastics on health”. Microplastics are possibly more harmful to the public health than is known to date. That is what other Dutch researchers that participate in a large, multidisciplinary research into microplastics and health say as well.