AIMMS researchers in the news about plastics

The impact of plastic on the environment and health of humans is currently a hot news topic. AIMMS researchers Majorie van Duursen, Marja Lamoree and Heather Leslie (of the department Environment and Health) commented on this topic in different media.

02/14/2019 | 4:40 PM

Majorie van Duursen comments in NRC on research into plasticizers in urine
Chemicals to make plastic soft and flexible are almost everywhere: from packaging to toys and carpets. These plasticizers are associated with several diseases. In a language development study, the concentration of eight plasticizers in urine was measured in 1,300 Swedish and American pregnant women. After 2.5 years, the effect on the language development of the children was measured and two out of the eight plasticizers seemed to be associated with a language deficit. Majorie van Duursen finds that these results fit within the prevailing harmful image of plasticizers. You can read the Dutch article here.  

Marja Lamoree in the documentary Ik, Plastic on NPO 2
In the Dutch documentary series 'Ik, Plastic', investigates presenter Menno Bentveld the relationship between people and plastic. In the last episode Marja Lamoree is interviewed. Lamoree sees plastic as a curse for humanity; "It would be good to look very hard for alternatives to plastic that are less harmful". You can find the broadcast here, watch from 06:30.

Heather Leslie at the NEMO Science Museum: "What's in the plastic soup?"
The 8 to 12-year-olds wanted to know the answer to this question at Heather Leslie's children's lectures on 20 January 2019 at NEMO. The interactive reading of 1 hour consisted of knowledge exchange between the scientist and her well-informed young target group. The children also conducted simple experiments to investigate the behavior of plastic in the environment and products. You can read more about this lecture here.