VU Educational Grassroots prize awarded to Eelco Ruijter and Stefan Dekker for Flipping "Structure & (Re)activity"

They have been awarded the prize for their plan to redesign a first year organic chemistry course in the Pharmaceutical Sciences bachelor program.

12/07/2017 | 9:56 AM

The plan of Eelco Ruijter and Stefan Dekker (Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Sciences) addresses a common problem in organic chemistry education summarized by the observation that students persistently underestimate the need for extensive practice, which in turn results in relatively low pass rates.


Ruijter and Dekker aim to use a 'flipping-the-classroom' approach, where all traditional lectures are replaced by active sessions to free up time for practicing with problems and questions. The necessary background information will be offered alongside as slidecasts from previously recorded lectures with added multiple choice questions.

The project is building on previous successful innovation efforts within the department (by Maikel Wijtmans and others) and the division Innovations in Human Health & Life Sciences (Jacqueline van Muijlwijk). In all, with this approach we expect that students will be better able to meet the course learning outcomes, and both student and teacher satisfaction will be improved.

Click here for more information on the project (in Dutch).