Paul Jennings appointed professor of Molecular & Biochemical Toxicology at AIMMS

Starting July 1st 2017, Paul Jennings has been appointed professor of Molecular & Biochemical Toxicology at AIMMS.

07/05/2017 | 9:36 AM

The chair is located in the Dept. of Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Sciences, in the new O|2 Lab Building at the VU Campus. The chair is operating at the interface between Pharmaceutical- and Human Life Sciences, and will be contributing to the BSc- and MSc programmes in Pharmaceutical- and Biomedical Sciences, but also other programmes like Medical Natural Sciences and Science Business & Innovation.

Paul Jennings

Paul Jennings was born and raised in Ireland and obtained his BSc- and PhD-degree, in 1996 and 2001 resp., from the Department of Pharmacology, University College Dublin. He moved to Innsbruck, working under Professor Walter Pfaller, eventually taking over the Renal Epithelial Physiology and Toxicology laboratory, when Pfaller retired in 2010.

Jennings’ research focuses on understanding the molecular processes involved in chemical-induced cellular injury and adaptation, with a special focus to the kidney. His work aims to increase the human predictive potential of in vitro techniques for chemical safety assessment and includes the delineation of stress response pathways, identification of biomarkers and the development of better biological models. Much of his recent work has been utilising integrated omics with biokinetics.

His research group is an integral member of several European consortia, which aim to improve drug safety assessment regimes, including Predict-IV, DETECTIVE, StemBANCC and EUToxRisk. He is also the coordinator of the in3 MSCA-ITN consortium, “An integrated interdisciplinary approach to animal-free nanomaterial and chemical safety assessment”, which aims to utilise human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) to create a new integrated testing platform coupling in vitro and in silico approaches, whilst considering genetic variation.

New opportunities and synergies

In AIMMS, Paul Jennings will succeed prof. Nico Vermeulen, who was leading the Molecular and Computational Toxicology group for many years and who is retiring. Both Paul Jennings and Nico Vermeulen very much look forward to the many new opportunities and synergies, in both research and education, this appointment brings to the Section of Molecular Toxicology.