AIMMS STAR PLUS graduate programme: Selection completed

The AIMMS Management Team is proud to announce that three candidates have been selected as AIMMS STAR PLUS PhD students. Priyanka Chauhan (IN), Lea Adolf (DE), and Ludovica Mascolo (IT) will join AIMMS in the coming months.

06/29/2017 | 9:06 AM

After attending the AIMMS post-graduate course: "New paradigms targeting resistance against antimicrobials” in Amsterdam (29 Nov - 2 Dec ’16), the international candidates started writing their own research proposal on Antimicrobial Research and Resistance with support from their intended supervisor. The final proposals were sent to independent, international referees. Candidates got the opportunity to responds to the referee reports in a rebuttal.

After a final interview on their proposal and personal motivation, the AIMMS Management concluded that three candidates fulfilled the excellence criteria as set out in the Call for Applications.


  • Lea Adolf (DE): Targeted delivery of antimicrobial peptides using a novel delivery system (Main supervisor: Peter van Ulsen)
  • Priyanka Chauhan (IN): Molecular strategies to quantify and control dormant and active states of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. (Main supervisor: Frank Bruggeman)
  • Ludovica Mascolo (IT): A new antibiotic target in mycobacterial energy metabolism. (Main supervisor: Dirk Bald)

Fourth position

As the Cofund was granted to (partly) fund four PhD positions, the AIMMS Management is currently discussing with the Marie Curie funding agency (MSCA) on the possibilities to open an additional shortened call to attract a fourth PhD candidate. More news will be posted on the AIMMS website in August.