BioSB Young Investigator Award for Mohammed El-Kebir

Mohammed El-Kebir has been awarded the BioSB Young Investigator Award 2015 for best PhD thesis in the field of bioinformatics and systems biology in the Netherlands.

07/01/2015 | 10:28 AM

Mohammed El-Kebir performed his PhD research at CWI and VU from 2010 to 2014 under supervision of Prof. Gunnar Klau and Prof. Jaap Heringa on the topic of combinatorial problems in computational biology. Among others, he developed a number of algorithms for combinatorial optimization and applied these to a set of diverse problems including network alignment, protein-protein interaction network querying, crossing schedules, cross-species paralogous gene mapping, and dividing molecules in charge-based chemical fractions. El-Kebir is currently postdoctoral researcher at Brown University in Prof. Ben Rafael’s group.

The jury stated that “Mohammed El-Kebir enjoys collaborating in complex projects, especially when they are not clearcut from the beginning and require an interdisciplinary team effort. Using the analytical skills he obtained during his studies, he aims at decomposing complex problems into manageable components without losing their essential characteristics.”

The BioSB Young Investigator Award is awarded by the Netherlands Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (BioSB) research school. The award and El-Kebir’s award lecture have been presented during the BioSB 2015 Conference in Lunteren on 20 May. El-Kebir will defend his thesis entitled “Networks, Modules and Breeding Schedules” on October 27th.