AIMMS event December: Seminar on 150 years Periodic Table



Atrium room D146, Medical faculty (MF) VU Amsterdam

AIMMS event December: AIMMS celebrates 150 years Periodic Table

David Cole-Hamilton

Amsterdam Institute of Molecular and Life Sciences



150 Years of the Periodic Table – What does it mean to us now?
David Cole-Hamilton – Vice President, European Chemical Society

Mendeleev first published his version of the periodic classification of elements in 1869 so the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemists (IUPAC) has proclaimed 2019, the 150th anniversary year, as the International Year of the Periodic Table.

The presentation will start with a short history of the Periodic Table and its various representations, before discussing a new Periodic Table produced by The European Chemical Society (EuChemS), which highlights the availability and vulnerability of elements to dispersion. David Cole-Hamilton will propose ways to change our behaviour in order to protect the 90 elements that make up everything in our beautiful and diverse world.

As an example of how important the Periodic Table is to all of us, he will highlight the use of elements in making colour, taking some examples from natural systems.
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Curriculum Vitae
David is Vice-President of the European Chemical Society (EuChemS) and has been President from 2013-7. This has given him extensive contact with chemical societies and policy makers throughout Europe. On behalf of EuChemS he has led a team celebrating the International Year of the Periodic Table, which has developed a new version of the Periodic Table highlighting element availability and vulnerability as well as which elements can come from conflict minerals and which appear in smart phones.

Following degrees (BSc and PhD) at Edinburgh University, David Cole-Hamilton worked with Nobel Laureate, Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson at Imperial College, where he developed a strong interest in organometallic chemistry and especially homogeneous catalysis. His independent career started at Liverpool University (Lecturer and Senior Lecturer) before moving to be Professor of Chemistry at the University of St. Andrews in 1985. He became Emeritus in 2014.

The majority of his work has been on the applications of organometallic chemistry to solving problems in homogeneous catalysis and materials chemistry. His most recent work has been concerned with making commodity and fine chemicals, including plastics and pharmaceuticals from bio-derived waste oils that are by-products of other processes such as food production or paper manufacturing. In this way desirable effect chemicals can be made from biomass without using land that would otherwise be used for food production.  

He has won a number of prizes from the Royal Society of Chemistry as well as 5 prizes for teaching. In 2017 he was awarded the Alwin Mittasch Prize of the German Catalysis Society and was made a Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

David Cole-Hamilton Periodic Table