Minisymposium Organic Synthesis meets Chemical Biology



Auditorium, O|2 Building

Minisymposium Organic Synthesis meets Chemical Biology

Amsterdam Institute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems


Conference / Symposium / Seminar

Minisymposium Organic Synthesis meets Chemical Biology

September 12th, 2019, Auditorium O2-Building

14.30 Opening by Romano Orru

14.35 Prof. Adri Minnaard (Bio-organic Chemistry, Groningen, NL). Research Focus: Organic Synthesis & Catalysis and its application in the study of biological pnenomena. Title of the lecture: Catalysis for Unprotected Carbohydrates

15.20 Dr. Kimberley Bonger (Biomolecular Chemistry, Radboud Univ., Nijmegen, NL). Research Focus: organic chemistry, molecular biology and biochemistry to target and answer biological questions related to autoimmune- and protein misfolding diseases. Title of the lecture: Coordination-Assisted Bioorthogonal Chemistry: Bringing Orthogonality in the Tetrazine Ligation with (strained) alkenes

16.05 Coffee-break

16.30 Prof. Wolfgang Kroutil (Organic & Bioorganic Chemistry, Karl-Franszens University, Graz, Austria). Research Focus: enzymatic and biocatalytic methods for (asymmetric) organic synthesis. Title of the lecture: Incorporating Biocatalysis in Organic Synthesis

17.15 Closing and drinks