Annual meeting 2012

Around 120 persons attended the second annual meeting: as the lecture hall was filled with PhD-students, Master’sstudents, post-docs and staff. They listened to excellent presentations of three external keynote lectures in the morning of proffesor Russel, Dr. Hoffman Wurzburg and Dr. Breukink, and the final keynote speaker: professor Gijs Wuite.

Next to the poster competition, with 35 posters, there was a PhD competition for oral contributions. Each of the 15 chairs of AIMMS were asked to propose one PhD-student. The management team selected 6 students to present their results.

The audience scored the six candidates and the result appeared to be so close that (exceptionally) two winners were identified: Jan Simon Boerma (Molecular Toxicology) and Ingeborg Petterson (Biomolecular Spectroscopy). Poster award winners were Chimed Jansen (Medicinal Chemistry), Sabrina de Munnik (Target and Systems Biochemistry) and Johan van Heerden (Systems Bioinformatics). Not planned, but nevertheless Master’s student Yves Revi was awarded for his excellent role in post-lecture discussions. These awards were handed out by the deans of the faculties: professor Hubertus Irth and professor Bauke Oudega.

The day was closed with a nice buffet dinner and drinks served by the study association VCSVU. All together, this was a very successful and animated second annual meeting, both scientifically and socially.